Salt Spring Island Beaches

Being surrounded by water, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, has many inviting beaches to discover and enjoy.  A map of Salt Spring is available at our Chamber of Commerce building in the heart of Ganges.

Beddis Beach

Beddis Beach is a great morning beach on the east side of Salt Spring Island.  It offers a view of the Gulf Islands as well as a sandy experience between your toes.  A great setting for a picnic and a swim, when you are visiting Salt Spring Island.

Ruckle Park

Another great morning beach is Ruckle Park.  Located at the south end of the Island.  Ruckle Provincial Park has many fantastic beaches, as well as camping and a spectacular variety of landscape.  Intertidal observations are plentiful at this century old working farm.  The Ruckles pioneered the land in the late 1800’s.

Indian Reserve

Located in the south end of the island you must visit the Indian Reserve which is off of Beaver Point Road on to Bridgeman and is located at the end of Menhenick Drive.  The beaches on this property are incredible and breath taking.  The Indian Council has granted permission to enjoy the land,  please keep it clean and respect the signs.

Drummond Park

Located in Fulford Harbour across from the Fulford Ferry Terminal.  Fulford Days happen in August each year and are held at this location.  This is an annual family event where islanders enjoy such activities as musical performances and sand castle building.  This beach is home to some forty swans who feed at the estuary designated to many varieties of water fowl.  A petroglyph is also featured at this Gulf Island Beach.

Burgoyne Bay

Burgoyne Bay on the west side of Saltspring is another beautiful beach that blesses Salt Spring Island.  From the Government Dock you can walk along a very diverse beach to a recently purchased park land.  Garry Oaks and old growth forest surround the bay and have been protected by the people of Salt Spring.

Baders Beach

Heading back towards Ganges on Fulford Ganges Road a left turn at Rainbow Road and following it out to the end will bring you to Baders Beach.  A great beach to run the dog and watch the marine life in its full form.  Looking across at Vancouver Island you feel you could swim across but don’t.

Booth Bay

Another west side beach that is a long,  sandy, pebble terrain, and is at the end of Baker Road.  This is a great beach to watch the eagles, especially in June at the low tides.  It views Vancouver Island and hosts many tidal treasures.

Vesuvius Beach

One of the warmest beaches to swim on Saltspring is Vesuvius beach.  It is the perfect spot to enjoy a bottle of wine with your partner and watch the sun set with incredible colours gracing the western sky.  Vesuvius Beach on Salt Spring Island is where the annual Polar Bear Swim is held.

Fernwood Beach

Across from Galiano Island is another popular beach on Salt Spring Island.  Fernwood dock has been known to be a great place to fish or throw in a crab trap.  Many school groups gather at this beach to look for special moon snails and other intertidal treasures that can be seen in June at the lowest tides.

The best way to get to remote beaches is by kayak or boat, both for rent at various outlets in Fulford and Ganges.  Remember to clean up and recycle for the next beach coomber to enjoy.

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